freemason masonic cotton gloves in black

Masonic Gloves in Cotton


freemason masonic cotton gloves in blackfreemason masonic cotton gloves in blackfreemason-masonic-cotton-gloves-in-black-3freemason masonic cotton gloves in black

Product Description

Masonic Gloves in Cotton with Square and Compass

Masonic Gloves in cotton material with square and compass and G if required, below is a sample image of a typical glove design. Our gloves are embroided with the best quality cotton. The motif is created using black as standard but are available in different colours on request.

The G is not included as standard unless requested as not all lodges include this emblem. There is no additional cost if you require this to be added for your product. Our cotton gloves can be worn at any Masonic occasion such as any Masonic meeting. These gloves can be worn at any lodge.

Our gloves are available in small, medium, large and extra large. Below is an image that explains better the gloves sizes and measurements.

Masonic Glove Sizes


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