Masonic Gloves In Real Kid Leather

Masonic Gloves In Real Kid Leather


Gloves In Real Kid LeatherMasonic Gloves In Real Kid Leather

Product Description

Masonic Gloves In Real Kid Leather

Masonic Leather Gloves & SizesMasonic Gloves In Real Kid Leather with compass and G. These leather gloves are suitable for any Masonic meetings and made of the finest kid leather. Masonic Leather Gloves are customary in some countries and lodges, particularly for new initiated members. Our Masonic Leather Gloves are available in many different sizes, the image below will give you an indication of what size to ask for.

We can supply Masonic Leather Gloves with custom designs and embroidery to suit our customers requirements. These gloves come with blue embroidery with square, compass and G. if you are interested in custom gloves for your lodge or other types of Freemasonry Merchandise then please get in contact with your requirements.


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